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At PHARMA RESEARCH, we take your career aspirations and placement support very seriously. In fact, it is our number one goal to ensure that you excel successfully in what you want to become. This process begins right from the moment you begin your first contact with our admissions representatives / consultants.

Career Support

Having recognized your needs and career aspirations, keeping in mind your academic background, career paths and existing industry requirements, our counselors, faculty and the Student Success Team will provide you with the right advice to ensure success. The team will direct you and provide you with continuous support during your plan.

Our “Student Success Team (SST)” composed of senior health professionals plays a vital role in providing placement assistance and helps to obtain places for PHARMA RESEARCH students.

Not only is the recruitment support provided through the SST, but PHARMA RESEARCH students also have access to the Pharma Research innovative Job Search Portal, which facilitates job search in more than 60 countries. Clinical Research & Healthcare Jobs posted across hundreds of websites are published on the Job Portal in real time, allowing students to search for relevant jobs on their own in their chosen country and region. We also understand that in today’s fast-paced working culture, where everything happens online, it is important for you to network with industry professionals and present yourself in a more attractive way than other applicants. That’s why we are providing interested students with a personal website to increase their visibility in today’s cut-throat competition world. You can personalize the website with your academic and professional information. You can provide prospective employers with access to this page for easy sharing of educational and professional accomplishments and also include a link to it in your CV / Resume as a confirmation that you are a student at PHARMA RESEARCH.

Certain career-related resources such as resume / CV training, mock interviews, personality development, freelance work opportunities with PHARMA RESEARCH are also offered where appropriate. To learn more about the different organizations that often hire our graduates, click the acceptance link below:

Our Commitment

At PHARMA RESEARCH, we are committed to supporting you at every step of the way and to make your experience with us both satisfying and fulfilling. You are valuable to us, and we want you to be productive. If you need assistance, you can contact our support staff via live chat, email us or call us. We are here to help and support you on your journey of learning with us.