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Placement Policy:

  • PHARMA RESEARCH offers complimentary value-added support to all students who have completed PHARMA RESEARCH courses and so this service is entirely at the sole discretion of PHARMA RESEARCH Management.
  • PHARMA RESEARCH provides training assistance to all considered students by organizing Direct / Walk in / One-to – one interviews / providing information on various job openings with our multi-sector clients across India.
  • PHARMA RESEARCH does not guarantee / Commit any assurance of placements / any specific minimum number of interview calls for any course. There is no commitment or assurance of any specific minimum or maximum number of interview calls Placement Assistance varies for all students depending on the eligibility criteria of the Clients and the type of course taken from
  • PHARMA RESEARCH and can not guarantee any salary range. Students who have not paid the fee for a given period of time will not be eligible for an interview. Validity of Placement Assistance 6 months (from the date of completion of the course)

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*Note: Time as stated above for placement assistance shall be considered in compliance with the following set of rules.

  • From completion of the course.
    • From the first call given for the candidate during then running batches.
    • From the date of registration for placement assistance.
    • No assistance will be given for registration after one year of completion of the course.
    • In the event that client requirements are greater than the availability of applicants, PHARMA RESEARCH reserves the right to deviate from the eligibility criteria set out below in order to meet the specifications of the company.
    • All other PHARMA RESEARCH students who have completed just 1-2 PHARMA RESEARCH courses will receive career updates via our Career Blog.
    • When the number of calls is provided for the candidate’s preference, candidates with a lower number of calls will be given a fair chance to all.
    • The PHARMA RESEARCH Qualifying Examination will be administered prior to job interviews. Preference will be given to applicants on the basis of the results and/or the ‘ Company Criteria. ‘ It is compulsory to appear for the ‘ Work Interviews ‘ examination.


Any student who qualify under the conditions set out in the * Note & Validity Placement Assistant column (Appendix-1), paid full course fees in time, holds a valid PHARMA RESEARCH certificate and has passed a PHARMA RESEARCH Qualifying Test for Placement. (Subject to the eligibility requirements as specified by the clients)

  • Successfully Completed degree Pharma/ Life Sciences/ Medicine or Nursing
  • Fresher or recent Pass-outs in last 2 academic years are normally preferred by the clients.
  • Good academic records with no or minimum gaps in education are preferred.
  • Good English Communication skills will have an added advantage.
  • Diploma Holders / Under Graduates are not eligible for PA (unless specified / requested by client).
  • Students having more than 2 yrs. gap in education may or may not qualify for Interview appearance.
  • Student’s behavior and general appearance at the time of interview also matters.
  • Routine work posting will be done on & /or PHARMA RESEARCH Placement in charge of the respective centers and it is the responsibility of the applicant to apply ONLY through placement in charge of the respective center before the deadline.
  • In the event that PHARMA RESEARCH schedules an interview call matching your CV / educational credential, he / she will honor and attend the same, and this will be counted as an interview call.
  • It is the sole discretion of the Customer to shortlist the submitted profiles and PHARMA RESEARCH is not responsible for the shortlist made at the end of the Customer.
  • PHARMA RESEARCH will email you with PAN India Requirements; students need to extend their locations in order to get the full opportunity. If you are restricted to a particular city or territory, you may get fewer opportunities for interviews.
  • Placement assistance will not be given to applicants who do not undergo PHARMA RESEARCH screening processes and/or hold ‘ Participation Certificate. ‘
  • Only shortlisted Students by client will be eligible to attend interviews.
  • PHARMA RESEARCH & Clients reserves the right to set the final eligibility criteria and may adjust without prior notice at any time.
  • Students should not contact any client directly unless specified by the client or by PHARMA RESEARCH. In the event of any client complaint against the student, the student will be permanently blacklisted.
  • Students already placed through PHARMA RESEARCH are not eligible for further ‘Placement Assistance’ (unless specified).
  • Students who have already appeared for  a  company in last 6-12 months are not eligible to re-apply in the same company…
  • Students should be ready to relocate anywhere in India as required by the client and should be ready to work on the job profile given by the client.
  • PHARMA RESEARCH will contact the shortlisted / chosen students via mail or SMS. In the event that students are not reachable due to any technical issues, PHARMA RESEARCH will not be responsible for the same.
  • Students need to attend the test / interview as per the schedule given by the Client / PHARMA RESEARCH as there is no guarantee of the interview being rescheduled.
  • Until arriving on the campus of any company, it is the student’s responsibility to check the certificate and more information about the company in order to avoid any future problems such as fraudulent company, not a good or healthy working environment, etc.
  • If the client requests to submit any original marking sheets, documents, deposit, bank guarantee, copy of Passport, etc. while joining, the candidate must decide on his own to apply the required documents and PHARMA RESEARCH will not be involved or assume any responsibility for the same.
  • Students, only those who have completed their full course are eligible to apply (unless it is mentioned in the mailer regarding the students who are then doing the course).
  • All students are expected to attend campus or placement events in formal clothing, otherwise they will not be allowed to attend events.
  • All students should attend campus or placement events in formal clothing, otherwise they will not be allowed to attend events.
  • Students who do not participate in the interview / test as per the schedule given by PHARMA RESEARCH / Client, even after giving their confirmation.
  • If student do not turn up for interviews without informing placement team
  • If the candidate gets selected and rejects the offer
  • Students who do not go to the final HR round to collect a letter of offer or to negotiate a salary
  • Students who apply even if they do not comply with the eligibility criteria set out in the mail
  • Students who provide any incorrect information / false documents / do not follow the rules as stated.
  • PHARMA RESEARCH Certificate (if the student has not received PHARMA RESEARCH certificate then Full fees payment receipts can be considered)
  • 2 Copies of Resume
  • All mark sheets & other important original documents
  • Valid photo ID like PAN card, Driving licence etc
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Passport copy if available