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PHARMA RESEARCH – Professional Badges

Pharma Research mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Our innovative learning and credentialing programs help fuel this mission. Pharma Research Digital Badging programs provide recognition of skills and achievements through secure and verifiable digital credentials. For instance, Pharma Research Certification badges are awarded to technical professionals who have successfully passed a certification exam or achieved a full certification.

How you use these badges:

Certification badges, your can insert in your resume, social medical accounts and Professional Social media profiles.

Your Professional Certification Badges help you to stand out in the crowd

Communicating all the skills you have in a CV can be difficult and when many people are competing for the same role, it becomes even more crucial. Being able to clearly show your professional skills and life experience can make all the difference and give you a special edge.

In fact, a whopping 86% of employers look more favorably on a candidate who shares evidence of skill sets and other extracurricular activities on their social media channels.

Digital badges not only look good, they also offer additional information about you that is easy for employers to explore, without you having to find new ways to explain your know-how.

Three quarters of employers think traditionally laid out CVs do not showcase young people’s professional skills in the best possible light, so why not look into earning a badge and levelling up your application?

PHARMAM RESESARCH are recognizing successful completion of their professional courses badge, giving students a tangible example of when they stepped forward to support others in their community. wcase all the ways you develop yourself to others, including employers looking for their next hire.