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PHARMA RESEARCH is a member of the International Open and Distance Education Committee, which has the status of consultative partner with UNESCO.


The PHARMA RESEARCH Institute offers online documentation of all the qualifications it grants. On this tab, you can scan for any award using the Award number shown on the certificate, or you can search using the first and last names of the candidates.

Certificate Verification

If you would like to verify your awarded Certificate Verification or someone else’s award given by the PHARMA RESEARCH Institute, you can do so either by entering the student’s first or last name or by entering the award number.

Search by: Name / Certificate No. / Award Or Experience Certificate No. 


After your Certificate Verification, you can download softcopy of your certificate in PDF format. Also you can share this document link to your resume or blog

If you are not able to obtain the verification details using this system you may send a manual verification request to Please provide the full name of the individual and the program he/she has completed from PHARMA RESEARCH. We will respond to you within 2 working days.

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