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clinical research coordinator

SCRP- Certified Clinical Research Coordinator

Duration: 3 Months, FEE: 22999/-

Read the relevant guidelines for clinical research along with information on the roles and responsibilities of the Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) in a clinical trial.

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About This Course

The demand for this Course Clinical Trials is expected to have reached a market value of $64B by 2020 compared to the current market value of $38.4B. The market is expected to reflect CAGR of 9% between 2015 and 2020. Actually, lists more than 200,000 trials worldwide, providing a range of career options in clinical trial operations and related fields.

The Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) serves as the key contact channel between the sponsor and the researcher site. The CRC therefore plays a crucial role in the smooth and efficient execution of a clinical trial.

The “Certification Training for Clinical Research Director (CTCRC)” course allows learners to gain an in-depth understanding of the primary principles and processes of clinical research, as well as the comprehensive scope of all positions and responsibilities.   The Clinical Research Coordinator undertakes to test at the Investigator Site. See the Curriculum for details. This course will allow clinical research applicants and working professionals to succeed in their careers in clinical research operations as Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) or clinical trial coordinator (CTC).

Who is supposed to take the Clinical Research Manager Course?

  • Clinical Research Professionals
  • Aspirants (students / workers) from the following health science background: Pharmacy, Pediatrics, Dental, Nursing, Public Health, Life Sciences, Physiotherapist, Traditional / Alternative Medicine, etc.

What do I get from this Clinical Research Manager course?

  • 16 high-quality online test learning modules.
  • Read more about the roles and responsibilities of Clinical Research Coordinator Certification and Quality Card on positive completion Opportunity to explore your future in Clinical Research Operations.

Module 1: Introduction to Clinical Research

Module 2: Evolution of Ethical Research principals, Regulations and Guidelines

Module 3: Essential Clinical Trial Documents

Module 4: Clinical Study Process

Module 5: Ethics Review Board (ERB)

Module 6: Roles and Responsibilities of Investigator

Module 7: Roles and Responsibilities of Sponsor

Module 8: Roles and Responsibilities of Clinical Trial Monitor

Module 9: Informed Consent Process

Module 10: Serious Adverse Event (SAE)

Module 11: Maintenance of Source Document

Module 12: IND/ NDA/ ANDA/ AADA

Module 13: Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) – An Introduction

Module 14: 9 Major Roles and Responsibilities of a CRC – Before Initiation of Clinical Trial Study

Module 15: 12 Major Roles and Responsibilities of a CRC – During Clinical Trial Study

Module 16: 2 Major Roles and Responsibilities of a CRC – After Completion/ Termination of Clinical Trial Study Clinical Trials Terminology Assessment through Online Exam

  1. What is the mode of learning and do I need to visit anywhere to take this course? The mode of learning is completely online and you are not to required visit anywhere to take this course. You can easily learn and complete this course from your location. You should have a device (laptop/ desktop) with an internet connection.
  1. How will you deliver the course modules? You simply need to log in with your Username and Password at our LMS Portal to start with. The access will be granted to you via email before Course Start Date.
  1. I am a student at present; can I take this course along with my studies? Yes, you are eligible to this course along with your regular studies.
  1. Is there any specific timing to take the course modules? We have made it very convenient for you. All the course modules are pre-loaded on our website, so you can learn the modules as per your convenient timings.
  1. How will you conduct the exams? Exams will be online. Once you are through with course modules and want to take the exams, you just need to drop a request mail at Request to take the online exam can be sent at any time.
  1. Is there any separate exam fee? No, there is no separate exam fee.
  1. When will I receive the Certificate and Performance Card? Once you attempt and submit your online exam for evaluation, we generally take 14 working days to evaluate and issue Certificate of Completion along with Performance Card via email.
  1. How will you send the Certificate of Completion? The Certificate would be issued through email upon successful completion. The issued certificate would be print-ready but if you wish to receive a hard copy of Certificate then a minimal charge towards processing, printing and courier would be applicable.


Module 1: Introduction to Clinical Research


CALL # 90525 08350

Student 1173

Length: 12 weeks

Timings: Self Paced

Language: English

Effort: 55 hrs. approx

Skill Level: All

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