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PHARMA RESEARCH job portal allows you to search for jobs by category, state or even city


“Thank you for all the support and guidance provided by your organization. It’s a privilege and honor to be a PHARMA RESEARCH student. Training sessions have been coordinated and easy to understand. Thank you for your prompt response to all questions and emails.”
Fathima, Guntur, India

Online Job Search

Online Job Search Portal is Available only to Enrolled Students

  • Access to the PHARMA Studies Job Search Platform is available only to students enrolled in any of the PHARMA RESEARCH programs.
  • The innovative job search platform allows our students to search for clinical research, health care and other related employment from more than 60 countries through thousands of websites in real time, all in one place.
  • Students may even search for jobs by category, city, or state.

If you’re a registered student, you can access the career portal from your dashboard. Please register in to get started with a job search:

If you are not yet subscriber enrolled with PHARMA RESEARCH, please subscribe PHARMA RESEARCH newsletters, so, that you never missed-out new job notification to your email id.

Our Commitment

At PHARMA RESEARCH, we are completely committed to supporting you in every step of the way and to make your relationship with us both satisfying and fulfilling. You are valuable to us, and we want you to succeed. If you need any assistance, you can contact our support staff via live chat, email or call us. We’re here to help and support you on your journey of discovery with us.