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Every day students from more than 40 countries access the PHARMA RESEARCH e-Campus to study


Our specifically trained counselors and academic advisers will ensure that you have a fulfilling and productive interaction with them. Counselors will be able to guide you in selecting the right program, providing career advice, assisting with the application process and providing any immediate technical assistance, if necessary.

Ongoing Tutoring

The ‘ Student Success Team ‘ at PHARMA RESEARCH provides valuable support to all existing students as well as prize-winning students. During their program, all students are introduced to their mentor and SST Coordinator.

The SST not only provides guidance on studies, but also on placement assistance and continuing career development. Generally, the SST helps:

•Study related questions and academics in general
•Placement Assistance related questions
•Financial Assistance / Scholarship related questions
•Bookstore /Journals / Software related questions
•Career path related guidance
•Relevant and important questions not related to PHARMA RESEARCH

We recommend that all students get in touch with the Student Success Team and make full use of their extensive experience.


In accordance with our one-to – one training methodology, every online student at PHARMA RESEARCH is assigned a personal mentor who is usually also a member of the Student Success Team. Mentors use their industry contacts and experience to help students get closer to the world of business.
An important aspect of our online training methodology is that we recognize the importance of teaching experience for our students, which is highly valued by potential employers. All of our high-performing students are given a valuable opportunity to teach and guide new students through offline / online lectures. Students are certified by PHARMA RESEARCH for this optional activity.


All PHARMA RESEARCH enrolled students have access to the Online Campus Tutoring Center (OCTC). This is a discussion portal specific to each lesson taught on the e-campus. Connects faculty, mentors, students, guest lecturers, etc. and facilitates effective knowledge sharing. Discussions related to each lesson take place in the OCTC and are supervised by the faculty. The degree of participation in the OCTC is a component of the overall assessment for each student.

Our Commitment

At PHARMA RESEARCH, we are completely committed to supporting you in every step of the way and to make your relationship with us both satisfying and fulfilling. You are important to us, because we want you to succeed. If you need assistance, you can contact our support staff via live chat, email or call us. We’re here to help and support you on your learning journey with us.