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Clinical Research – Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical Research – Frequently Asked Questions :-  Clinical Research Industry: Research in the world is an industry of US$ 740 billion. Clinical Trials are worth more than US$ 150 billion. The Indian industry is currently worth about US$ 5 billion, growing at 20 per cent per year.  The employs more than 15,000 + professionals in India and requires more than 5,000 new professionals each year.

Pharmacovigilance: Pharmacovigilance employs more than 7,500 professionals at this stage. Every year the industry needs more than 5,000 new professionals. All major pharmaceutical companies outsource pharmacovigilance operations to India. By 2024, the size of the global pharmacovigilance industry would be more than US$ 45 billion, of which India’s share would be close to 25%. Medical & Scientific Writing: over US$ 5 billion in the size of the industry.

India is at the forefront and has a significant global market share. Every year, more than 5,000 new professionals are required, with very good speaking skills. Clinical Data Management & SAS: – Most global pharmaceutical companies outsource their clinical data management activities from India. Over 15,000 new professionals are hired annually by companies in this segment.

Throughout the life / health sciences industry, the highest-growing industry is growing at more than 25% per year. Healthcare Industry: The current size of the Indian healthcare industry is about US$ 300 billion, growing at 20 per cent per year. These include hospitals, specialized clinics, diagnostic laboratories, specialized health / life-style centers, insurance companies, NGOs.

Key Players: We are closely networked with over 100 Indian and global employers.

Many important names are: Novartis, Pfizer, Sun Pharma, Novo Nordisk, Astra Zeneca, Inc Research, Dr. Reddy’s, Quintiles, Covance, PPD, Accenture, Parexel, MMSH Holdings, TCS, Cognizant, Apollo Hospitals, Max, Reliance, Apcer, iMed Medical, and many more across India.

Yeah, definitely. New graduates / post graduates are favoured for entry level positions. Nonetheless, businesses obviously want new graduates / post graduates to have specific skills and the requisite certification / Diploma in the related field. As a result of increasing initiatives, businesses are not keen to provide more instruction to new employees.

Sure, there are substantial opportunities in clinical trials, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Writing, Healthcare Administration and Health Insurance with long-term career growth.

MBBS / MD – would typically begin as a Drug Safety Physician, a Medical Reviewer, an Aggregate Reporting Officer or a Hospital Management Officer.

BDS / BHMS / BAMS / BPT / MPT would start as Drug Safety Associates and, after a few years experience, would rise to senior positions. There are several positions in hospital management and health insurance.

There are ample job opportunities in clinical studies, medical writing and pharmacovigilance, drug regulatory affairs and clinical data management with proper long-term career development.

There are ample opportunities in clinical research, clinical data management, healthcare & hospital management, health insurance, SAS and drug regulatory affairs. In Pharmacovigilance jobs, first preference is given to the medical and pharmacy graduates and post graduates.

  • MBBS/MD – Rs.7 lakh to Rs.12 lakhs
  • BDS/BHMS/BAMS/BPT – Rs.2.5 to Rs.3 lakhs per annum
  • Pharm/M.Pharm/PharmD – Rs.2.3 lakh to Rs.3 lakh per annum
  • Sc. / B.Tech / M.Sc. – Rs.2 lakh to Rs. 3 lakhs

Annual salary increments are close to 20%, depending upon the company policy.

Clinical Research – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Clinical Research: Clinical Research Coordinator, Trainee Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Research Associate.
  • Pharmacovigilance: Drug Safety Associate, Drug Safety Physician, Data Analyst, Pharmacovigilance Associate, Process Associate.
  • Clinical Data Management / SAS: Data Analyst, Clinical Data Analyst, Clinical Data Coordinator, Process Associate, Clinical Data Associate.
  • Medical Writing: Medical Writer, Medical & Scientific Writer, Content Writer, Scientific Writer.
  • Hospital Management: Operations; Health Insurance Management; Floor Management; Clinical Services Management.

Students from different parts of the world who may not be able to enroll for the regular classes due to different circumstances and reasons, PHARMA RESEARCH offers them a whole new range of learning opportunities using the latest technologies available in the market today – VIRTUAL LEARNING and ONLINE classes.

VIRTUAL LEARNING –Real-time Training Students from different nations who may not be able to attend regular classes due to different conditions and purposes, PHARMA RESEARCH provides a whole new range of possibilities to learn using the new technologies available on the market today – Online Education and ONLINE courses.

The whole idea behind digital classrooms is that students get learning experiences as part of an on-going class. Students get to see and exchange documents slides videos with their teachers and classmates. Students can see, talk and communicate with other students. Classes are set up in another city or area, and students are taking classes during class hours, from their classrooms.

The main benefit of a digital classroom is that the student never misses a learning experience due to distance and domestic / professional constraints. Working professionals can join the weekend classes and people who are unable to attend classes due to distance / transport or domestic problems can stay at home and spend a few hours working in the institute and interact with others in the same way.

ONLINE CLASSES – Self-paced learning
Online classes are great for self-motivated individuals who want to learn new skills and advance their careers without losing their commitment to work and/or family. Getting education online will also save you tons of money, as you’re not going to have to spend even a fraction of the money needed for traditional education on average.

Sign with PHARMA RESEARCH and get free access to the Sample Online Course. The free subscription version of the PHARMA RESEARCH online training module can be accessed from our website ( Access is available for the next 48 hours from the time you sign. It’s absolutely free of cost. Use this GRATUIT TRIAL opportunity to:

Display examples of different course content; see if it suits your needs. Navigate through slides of the presentation. Test your PHARMA RESEARCH learning experience before you commit to enrollment. Easily upgrade to enrollment to get full access to the online online course.

Interested candidates can pursue their self-study program in Clinical Research by registering for an online course. The duration of the online class would be three months. Throughout this period, the course will cover three main topics, namely clinical research, clinical data management and pharmacovigilance.

Each module consists of a set of chapters and assessments. Once all five assessments have been successfully completed within the specified time frame, a CERTIFICATION IN CLINICAL RESEARCH will be awarded to the candidate.

This program helps life sciences and health science graduates learn about the lifecycle of a drug and to provide insight into the process of moving a drug from the bench to the bedside.

It will also provide insight into the procedures for the approval of clinical trials, the marketing approval processes and the various regulatory authorities for registration of products worldwide.

If you’re passionate about working with clinical data and look forward to working with Site Management Organizations (SMOs), Contract Research Organizations (CROs), Pharmaceutical Companies and MNCs, the PGDCR course is the right choice.

  • MBBS/BHMS/BAMS/BPT/MPT/BDS/BMLT/Bachelor in Naturopathy & Veterinary Science /MD/MS.
  • Graduate/Postgraduate degree in Pharmacy/ Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Graduate/Postgraduate degree in Life Sciences (Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, Biotechnology).
  • Graduate/Postgraduate degree in Chemistry/Biostatistics/ Bioinformatics.
  • Graduate or equivalent degree in Nursing/Allied Health.
  • Students in their final year of graduation for the above courses may also apply.

This programme will give an opportunity to work in Multinational Companies.
Students can get engaged in different profiles like

  • Clinical Trial Analyst
  • Clinical Trial Assistant
  • Clinical Research Co-Coordinator
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Analyst
  • Principal Investigator
  • Sub-Investigator

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  • Mumbai
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  • Bangalore
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  • Chennai
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  • Kolkata
  • Ahmedabad
  • Vadodara

Yes, completely, PHARMA RESEARH is providing excellent placement assistance to its students. PHARMA RESEARCH has been providing job placements in this industry since 2017, and so many students have been called to date.

We have a very robust placement process. We prepare students for key training, job roles, interviews, written tests, group discussions, personality development, communication skills and more. After this preparation, we’re arranging interviews with the employers. We provide all the student with interview support until the time they are placed.

Fresh graduates are granted internships after completing the 3-month program in the classroom. Furthermore, if you are eligible for a job interview, you can enter the job directly. Practice in some programs is mandatory.

Yes, all the internships are made available to different companies. Many companies pay the stipend during the time, and some do not. This is a corporate policy, and we have no control over this issue.

Yes, once you acquire experience in India, you could explore international opportunities. You must ensure that you qualify the immigration criteria for that country or your employer should be able to get you the work permit. Markets like North America, Europe, South East Asia and Middle East offer significant opportunities.

Clinical Research – Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the resources that are available from time to time. At times there will be attractive job opportunities with good employers that may not be located in your area. It is best to move in such cases. Acquiring experience in other cities will help in the long run if you’re ready for middle to senior management positions. Advanced businesses with a broad presence available for relocation.

Customized placement approaches are offered to work professionals. Customization is conducted by our recruitment / HR specialists, taking into account the expertise, skills and interest of the applicant. Furthermore, wage growth is always being debated between you and the boss. We’re always trying to get you a better job / wage profile compared to your existing one. However, in the event that you shift the sector to a completely new domain salary, it may again be subject to negotiation between you and the employer.

Yes, students can apply for the final year and enter the program. Nevertheless, before your placement interviews are performed, you need to submit your results / degrees / certificate of graduation from the University.

Program duration varies from program to program. Please refer to the specific program brochure / prospectus or talk to the counseling team.