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How will Clinical Trials Make a difference in the Cancer Treatment ?

How will Clinical Trials Make a difference in the Cancer Treatment ?

Importance of Clinical Trials

If a new drug is produced for curing any disease say for example cancer then it must be tested for its safety, efficacy and side effects or else it will cost a human life and that is why Clinical Trials are very much important. It is done very carefully and lots of data is generated and analyzed on the basis of safety, dosage, and effectiveness of the drug when compared to other treatments that are in practice.

Progress of Clinical Trials in the past

The cancer cell growth has been controlled with the development of cell cycle-related agents. It also had made a difference in the field of breast cancer treatment with the help of CDK inhibitors. This drug is now tested on other diseases like glioblastoma, lung cancer, sarcoma, and lymphoma.

Patients who have been suffering from ovarian cancer have experienced significant benefit with the help of PARP inhibitors. Therefore it has been extended towards prostate and pancreatic cancer. Now the research team is into various drug combinations to check out how they react in dealing with various cancerous cells.

Current Improvement in Clinical Trials

Currently, the focus is more on drug side effects and resistance. If, suppose a drug side effect occurs there are various analysis performed to find out the reason and various drugs are combined in proportion to nullify or reverse this effect. The cell complexity can be better understood especially in a tumored environment that decreases the immune system of the body.

Funding of Clinical Trials

There are three different ways to do so:

1) The study and the trials are sponsored by the pharmaceutical company. Full Funding is also a part of it.

2) Investigator Initiated Trial, where a new concept is provided to a drug company. If the company is interested then they will fill the grants and philanthropy.

3) National Cancer Institute which sponsors the study of the drugs supplied by itself.

Clinical Trials in detail

There are few amounts of people who are actually participating in such clinical trials irrespective of great advancements in medical technology. It is very important to take part in this trial so that cancer treatments can further improve in the future.

Phases of clinical trials

If a test or a treatment can make a significant difference to enhance the health of the patients then a clinical trial is approved. Before this approval, there is a pre-clinical research where clinical trials, treatments, and tests are assessed. People are not considered as test species over here. It checks whether a particular drug is harmful to a living tissue or not. The knowledge of chemical make up of a drug is also acquired.

After this step comes various levels of clinical trials for assessing its impact on a human being. There are five phases of clinical trials and they are:

  • Phase 0

  • Phase I

  • Phase II

  • Phase III

  • Phase IV

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