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COVID-19 Training for Healthcare Workers

COVID-19 Training for Healthcare Workers

COVID-19 Training for Healthcare Workers - FREE

About this Course

COVID-19 is rapidly spreading across the globe and all providers must be prepared to recognize, stabilize and treat patients with novel coronavirus infection. Following completion of this short course physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals will have a unified, evidenced-based approach to saving the lives of patients with COVID-19, including those who are critically ill. Learning modules are broken into short videos presented in a richly illustrated and compelling manner. The course is self paced and providers can schedule their learning to fit with their schedules. Topics include symptoms and signs in patients with COVID-19, early stabilization of patients, preventing the need for intubation, and ventilator management. The best evidence and guidelines are summarized while accompanying handouts provide written learning points and links to online resources. Simple infographics are available for providers to utilize within their care facilities to educate and promote optimal care across their entire institution

What you will learn

  • Learn key features of COVID-19 and common presenting symptoms.
  • Prevent COVID-19 transmission to healthcare providers and other individuals.
  • Assess and give immediate care to patients in acute respiratory distress to prevent worsening.
  • Provide advanced management and stabilization of patients in severe respiratory distress, including early ventilator management.

Skills you will gain 

emergency/critical care , respiratory distress, infection prevention, ventilator management, covid-19 diagnosis and treatment

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